Certificate of Titles

Certificate of Titles

Certificate of Title (or Title Deeds) are issued by Landgate.

Landgate keep the original and you have the option to have a duplicate Title issued or have a non-issue Title.

A non-issue Title is a great option as when you go to buy/sell or do any other matter involving your Title you do not have to find and produce it.

All banks or lending institutions will request a non-issue when they register a mortgage.

If your Title is issued it will state the date and edition in the top right hand corner. If your Title is a non-issue there will a be note in the statements section indicating the non-issue of the duplicate Title.

Not all duplicate Titles will show all limitations and encumbrances registered over your Title. The best way to find out what exactly is registered on your Title is an up to date Title Search. As part of the settlement process we perform these searches.


Source: https://www0.landgate.wa.gov.au/titles-and-surveys/certificate-of-title

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